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Your Sex Education May Have Missed These, Here Are 4 Facts You Need to Know

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~ JUNE 2022 ~

It’s no secret that sex education in most countries is sub-par.

And if you haven’t made that connection yet, there’s an entire genre of TikTok aiming to correct that issue on its own. Thankfully, the pros at Cheeky Bonsai, a women’s sexual health brand with a focus on UTI products, have also taken its expert sex education to TikTok.

Here are four facts sex education might not have told you, courtesy of Cheeky Bonsai.

1. Cis women have better immunity than cis men.

Due to differences in genetic make-up, several studies have found that women have better immunity and their bodies respond to infections better than the bodies of men.

2. Bleeding on birth control isn’t a real period.

It’s called withdrawal bleeding which occurs during the normal break period of birth control. During this time, your hormones drop, which causes bleeding.

3. It’s possible to get pregnant during your period.

Sperm can live up to 5 days in your reproductive tract, due to the makeup of cervical mucus.

4. It’s normal to have up to one teaspoon of discharge per day.

Discharge is normal and can be mild in odor. If you’re concerned about your discharge, read this article for vaginal discharge red flags.

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