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“It’s Not Cheating”: So Says Over 70% Of Married British About Sex Doll Use

Article By Katie-Ann Gupwell

~ March 2023 ~

Most of us know what a sex doll looks like – but you may not have thought about adding one to the bedroom.

Many people may think they’re not that common for couples to use, but it turns out married Brits are more open to experimenting than you think.

This is because 76% of people don’t think using a sex doll in a relationship constitutes as cheating.

A study carried out by, the UK’s leading dating site for extramarital affairs, discovered a lot about what people actually think about sex dolls.

Offering a life-life experience, sex dolls can be tailor-made, with features such as custom bra size and body shape.

They can cost up to a whopping £7,000, which equals approximately 8,400 US dollars, and are now being featured more on popular sex-toy websites.

A study involving 350 women and 350 men revealed what people really think about using the saucy creations – and 78% of men and 66% of women stated men using a sex doll while in a relationship would be acceptable.

Most Brits seem comfortable with the idea of their partner using a sex doll
Most women didn’t consider the use of a sex doll to be cheating (Image: Getty Images)

Ben, 37, from London, who is a user of the site, said: “I have occasionally thought about buying a sex doll – what appeals to me is being able to customize it how I’d like.

“I have been having an affair for 5 years now, and who knows, maybe if I had one of these dolls I wouldn’t need to look elsewhere for fun.

“I don’t think it is cheating at all.”

When asked to explain their answers, 54% said that using inanimate objects in a relationship was fine, and 26% said it doesn’t involve physical intimacy with another person.

In addition 15% said there is no emotional involvement, while 5% said there is no risk of STDs attached to using a doll.

Overall 28% stated it was wrong to use a sex doll if they had a partner, and 22% considered it to be a form of sexual perversion.

An extra 12% said it would be a form of betraying trust if their partner used one without their consent.

Jessica Leoni, sex and relationships expert at, said: “People are becoming a lot more accepting of different kinks now, hence why a majority of people don’t think using a sex doll is cheating.

“It really boils down to the expectations and boundaries within a relationship – if someone’s partner has explicitly said that they think it’s cheating then that is up to them.

“I think what people are afraid of is the potential to be compared to their spouse’s doll and may question their partner’s motives for purchasing one – it may really raise the question of problems in the relationship!”

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