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Man With ‘world’s Biggest Penis’ Stuns With Explicit Pic

Article By Natalie Brown

~ NOVEMBER 2021 ~ A man who claims to have the “world’s biggest penis” has stunned breakfast TV hosts with an explicit picture.

A man who claims to have the “world’s biggest penis” has stunned breakfast TV hosts by showing them an explicit picture live on air.

According to New York actor Jonah Falcon, his penis measures 13.5 inches – which equates to roughly 35cm – when erect, and has an eight inch diameter – which equates to 20cm.

“For some reason, having 13-plus inches means I’m a bad person, or I’m egotistical, or I’m a porn star, or I’m dumb, or I’m a slut,” he told Britain’s This Morning hosts Phillip and Josie.

“Also, I’m sick and tired of having people wanting me to measure it in front of them. I’ve done it 10,000 times – enough already.”

Rather than again measuring his penis, Falcon shocked the hosts with a picture of it – leaving viewers stunned.

“This is just for you, so you don’t have to do all that imagining,” he told them.

“Hellfire. Congratulations, well done,” a stunned Phillip said in reaction, while Josie’s face said it all.

“I look down – there is nothing special,” Falcon then said.

“I don’t compare it to objects but when I take out the rulers I am like ‘OK’.”

Viewers quickly jumped on social media, some deeming the moment “hilarious” while others felt the unsolicited picture was “weird”.

“Turned on the TV and @Schofe is talking about aubergines and length and girth,” one wrote on Twitter.

“Then the guy whips out a picture … then I read the title …‘I’ve got the world’s biggest penis’.”

“This doesn’t feel like daytime TV,” wrote another.

“Does he show his phone to random people and say ‘here’s my d*ck’ just weird sorry,” added one.

While Falcon said being well-endowed had helped him sleep with celebrities, there are downsides – like being stopped at airport security when they spotted it hanging down his leg.

“Once I had it hanging, halfway to my leg and they asked me if I had a tumour, which I think would be someone’s first thought if they saw,” he said.

“I’ve learned if I’m going through security and things to ball it up a bit so it looks like a round mass. God help me if I get an erection if I do that. My testicles are proportionally large.”

In a 2017 interview with The Sun, he also claimed that his penis was having a negative impact on his acting life.

“It’s handicapped my acting because people won’t hire me,” he said.

“They Google ‘Jonah Falcon’ and then say, ‘We can’t use him he’s known for his penis size’.

“So it’s definitely harmed my career – I have two casting director friends who have told me so.”

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