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Bodybuilder may spend holidays alone after sex doll wife is ‘broken’

With the sound of wedding bells still fresh in his mind, all Yuri Tolochko wanted for Christmas was some some romance amid jingle bells with his sex doll bride.

But, alas, dear Margo has apparently broken down – possibly spoiling the couple’s yuletide plans, according to the Daily Star.

The kooky bodybuilder from Kazakhstan, who tied the knot with the rubber doll after an eight-month courtship, now has to wait to see if her broken bits can be fixed on time.

“She is broken — now she is being repaired. She’s in another city,” he said. “When she recovers, it will be a gift for both of us.”

Tolochko is holding out hope that she can return by Christmas Day – Jan. 7 in his country.

The enamored muscle man was recently seen on Instagram planting a gentle kiss on Margo, who appeared a bit stiff in her revealing white gown as she clutched a bouquet of flowers and stared into the distance at their wedding.

The unconventional couple got engaged in December 2019, when the bald, blue-eyed hunk — who described himself as a “sexy maniac” — popped the question.

Tolochko said he met Margo at a nightclub, where he rescued her from some unwanted attention, adding that they had planned to take the plunge in March before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Yuri Tolochko and his sex doll wife, Margo
Yuri Tolochko and his sex doll wife, Margo

He told the Daily Star that the wedding was delayed again after he was attacked during a transgender rally in the Kazakh city of Almaty on Oct. 31, when he suffered a concussion and a broken nose after dressing as a woman for the event.

Describing their relationship, Tolochko told the Daily Star: “In general, I began to be jealous of Margo.

“Many men would like to imagine the same. After the wedding, I decided to show her less to people, I forbade her from Instagram (I did this a long time ago). Maybe I’m being too selfish.

“But that’s the beauty of Margo, that I can do this to her and she won’t mind,” he added.

If his beloved will be back on time, he said he might stay at home with her and order “steaks and sushi” — or “have some fun with friends.”


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