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7 Sex, Dating & Relationship Confessions That Made Our Jaws Drop

~ OCTOBER 2022 ~

Relationships aren’t perfect and thortful, the artist-led platform pumping out the most perfect greeting cards, is keeping track.

Its latest project is its Romantic Confessions index — a safe space to drop your love, sex and dating confessions.

According to thortful, “Everyone carries secrets,” and it’s best to have somewhere to put them. You know, to curb the burdening anxiety and shame you’ve been carrying.

Keep reading for juicy confessions and if you’re in the UK, drop your own here.

The Secret Onlyfans Creator

I used to be on OnlyFans before we met, and into our dating stages, to get some extra money. I quit once things got serious. I just never told them about what I’d done before we met, as I had another job on the side, so I said I just worked at a café. They still have no clue.

The Work Wife

I’ve been together with my partner for over a decade, but I’ve met another woman at work who makes me laugh and feel good about myself. With my wife, I just don’t feel like we’re having fun anymore. I’ve been thinking about the other woman for a while, even during sex, and have wanted to ask her out, but fear what it’d mean for my relationship with my wife.

The Cat Lady

I hate her cats. I hate them with a passion. They’re mean, don’t care about personal space, and insist on going to the bathroom with us. They even sit and watch us having sex. It’s weird. I’ve asked her multiple times to maybe leave them in the living room at least when we have sex, but she just shrugs it off. Their eyes… they see everything.

The Pending Eat, Pray, Love Era

I’ve got all my friends and family around where I live, my boyfriend included, but I’ve always wanted to travel, and move someplace now to grow. They keep telling me I should stay, that this is where my future is, but I can’t help the gnawing feeling that I’m making a mistake by staying. I’m worried I’ll come to regret it later in life…

The Cheater

My best friend is cheating on their partner for nearly seven years, but they haven’t told them. Whenever I see them together, I really want to say something, but I don’t have the heart to ruin their relationship, either.

The Situationship

I’ve been seeing this guy for nearly a year, but we’re yet to make anything official. I’m scared I’m locking myself into a relationship, even though he really wants us to be a couple. We’ve fought over it since he thinks it’s because I want to see other people, but that’s not the case — I just want to feel like I still have autonomy.

The Undiscovered Fetish

I’ve realized I really like the concept of furries, but I’m too scared to bring it up with my girlfriend. I’m just finding sex a bit boring, and want to explore more, but don’t want her to feel pressured into doing anything she’s not comfortable with either…

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