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7 Female-Led Sex-Positive Brands That Loves The Celebration Of International Women’s Day

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~ MARCH 2022 ~

With March 8 being International Women’s Day, it’s time to celebrate the women who have boldly owned sex positivity. Considering sex and women’s health have always carried the stigma of being taboo, it takes immense bravery for women to lead and revolutionize feminine care.

Here are seven sex-positive, female-led brands to support in celebration of International Women’s Day.

SAM HAM is a unisex jewelery brand that playfully reinvents signs of power. Its most recent collection, the Pretty Dix collection, plays with phallic imagery with a finishing touch of pearls for balls.

Female-led decor brand Lust Home is partnering with vagina art brand LovmandArt to send the message that vulvas are unique and beautiful. The Beautiful Me wallpaper is full of vibrant vagina designs that’ll add the perfect feminine touch to your home while making a bold statement.

For its second International Women’s Day collaboration, Le Wand is partnering with artist Kelly Malka to remind you of your power. Sexual satisfaction is a human right and together, they’ve creatively crafted the perfect accessory for your arousal. The Le Wand Rechargable Vibrating Massager has 20 vibration patterns and is even convienient for traveling.

Cheeky Bonsai‘s urinary tract support mix combines D-Mannose and cranberry which together, work just as effectively as antibiotics for urinary tract infections. The supplement is clinically proven and can be added to a cup of water for consumption. Also, a percentage of your sale will go to supporting women’s health and sex ed initatives.

Unbound is known for radically advocating for women. In 2017, the brand sent thousands of vibrators to members of Congress to advocate for women’s reproductive rights.

Unbound’s bangle handcuffs give the classic sex accessory a fashionable twist. They are lined with smooth material and can be worn on one wrist before play for easy access.

Awkward Essentials’ founder, Frances Tang, loved the feeling of her partner ejaculating inside of her but just couldn’t stand the dripping mess it caused after sex. Her solution? A soft, medical-grade cum sponge that soaks up all excess fluids internally. That way, the days of ruined panties are a thing of the past. Dripsticks come in packs of 10, 20, 69 and 100.

If you suffer from ingrown hairs, redness or irritation, this vulva sheet mask could be a great addition to your beauty regimen. The Muff Masque comes in three types: The Rehabber, The Juicer and The Soother. Also, a friendly reminder that your vulva is the outer surface of your genital area, while your vagina is the actual hole in between your lips.

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