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New Survey Finds 51% Of You Say Your Pet Interrupts You During Sex

Article By Jene Lucianni Sena

~ FEBRUARY  2023 ~

It’s National Love Your Pet Day! Does your fur baby sleep in your bed, take up all the space and give you zero *cough cough * private time with your S.O? Then you’re not alone.

According to a new study of more than 1,000 people conducted by Rover, more than half surveyed say they are getting interrupted during nightly attempts at nooky —because of their furry friends.

But, this could be due to their own doing as the survey also found that one-in-four pet parents not only welcome but prefer their pets sleep with them, This number jumps even more to 38 percent for people are single and unattached.

And get this —35 percent of pet parents say they feel “lonely” when their pet doesn’t sleep with them at night, while 12 percent even admit to feeling “offended” by their pet’s lack of nighttime companionship.

Meanwhile, a whopping 48 percent have purchased a larger bed, just to accommodate Fido or Fluffy, and 1/4 of them have even added a ramp or stairs for easier access. Thirty-two percent stated that it feels like their pet takes up a quarter of the total bed space —despite its size.

Just over half of those surveyed say their pet even has a designated spot on the bed, while 30 percent said their pooch has free reign to slumber wherever it wants.

One-in-ten of respondents have installed a special kitty or doggy door for bedroom access, so they can enter even if the door is shut, and 8 percent have purchased a bedside crib for their pet to sleep more comfortably next to them. While it’s true, many people treat their pets as if they are actually babies, 40 percent of people have admitted to having a bedtime routine for their pet, be it a bedtime story, a special song, or tucking them in.

And finally —nearly half of all pet parents say their pooch gets more smooches than their partner, which could be the reason their pets are feeling all the love.

One quarter of respondents actually blame their adorable pets for this imbalance, stating that it’s the dog or cat who insists on sleeping with them each and every night. 42 percent of people agree there would be more opportunities for intimacy if it weren’t for their pet constantly barging in.

In fact, 21 percent have even gone as far as to board their precious pet —just so they won’t get interrupted during those private moments.

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