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5 Common Relationship Issues People Find Way Too Embarrassing To Discuss

Article By Heather Hans

~ August, 2021 ~ Embarrassment is one of the primary feelings that bonds human beings together in relationships and marriages … when they’re willing to show it, of course.

No one makes it through life without feeling awkward and self-conscious at times, yet we do our best to hide our humiliation from others because we want to fit in and fear that we won’t be accepted as a member of the tribe.

Even if that tribe is as small as a romantic dyad such as a boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife, we want the person we’ve fallen in love with to approve of us.

Relationship problems surface when we become preoccupied with presenting an idealized image of ourselves that we spend more energy trying to main that fantasy of who we want to be than we do bonding with and enjoying our beloved as we really are.

We all have and need egos. The ego is our separate and unique identity, and we wouldn’t be able to function or accomplish anything in the world without them. But the ego should not run the show.

That’s the job of your soul.

Any time you feel overly embarrassed, your ego has more prominence than it should. It’s a sign you feel so separate from others and that you’ve forgotten the spiritual truth that we are all connected to one another.

A version pf this article originally appeared here on yourtango,com


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