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The World’s First Masturbation Hotline for Men Is Here

Article By Kayla Kibbe 

~ JUNE 2022 ~

We could probably all stand to be talking about masturbation more often.

(Except for me, a person who writes about it regularly for the internet; I like to think I’m doing more than my fair share.) We should be talking about it more often with our partners, our friends and even our children. Why? Because despite being a completely normal and healthy practice, one that’s integral to who we are as sexual beings, masturbation still remains something of a taboo. Not only can talking more openly about masturbation help break down that lingering, shame-based societal stigma, but it can also help us better connect with our own bodies and desires, thus improving literally every aspect of our sex lives.

That said, striking up a casual conversation with a friend or loved one about how you like to whack it is understandably easier said than done if you, unlike myself, are not regularly in the habit of broadcasting your thoughts on masturbation to the world.

To help men start opening up about their solo sex lives, sexual pleasure brand Arcwave (the ones responsible for helping men experience the female orgasm, kind of) has launched what they’re calling a “world first” masturbation hotline (not to be confused with a phone sex hotline) where men can bring all their self-pleasure qualms and queries.

Men who call Arcwave’s masturbation hotline will receive advice and insight from the brand’s sex experts, who are there to answer questions (“Am I masturbating too much?” “Should I be using lube?” “What should I be using for lube?” “Will this sex toy get stuck in my butt?”) and reduce the shame and stigma that prevents so many men from talking about their solo sex lives.

According to research from the brand, nearly half of men (47%) never talk about masturbation. Even among those that do, the people they’re willing to open up to are few and far between.

In their survey of 7,244 men from more than 17 countries (including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Spain and Switzerland), Arcwave found that 30.8% of men said they feel most comfortable discussing masturbation with their partner, 20.8% felt okay talking about it with a friend, and only 5.6% were comfortable discussing self-pleasure with a doctor.

Again, masturbation is a completely normal, very important part of overall sexual health, wellness and pleasure. Being able to talk about it comfortably can help you better connect with yourself, your sexuality and your partners. But if you’re not quite ready to start having casual conversations about sex toys and lube with your friends over brunch, there’s nothing wrong with starting with a stranger on the phone.

Men interested in checking out the hotline for themselves can call Arcwave’s masturbation advice hotline at +1 800-764-1545 in the U.S. For other countries, head here.

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