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Xbox Creator Nearly Lost His Job For Comparing Gaming To Masturbation

Article By Catherine Lewis

~ JANUARY 2022 ~

So, that’s a headline, huh? I’m sure we can all agree that gaming can be compared to many, many things, although I’m not sure masturbation would be the first thing that comes to mind for most.

Sorry, I’ll see myself out.

Anyway, in a series of incredible Twitter interactions, a glimpse into what was seemingly almost Xbox’s original marketing strategy has been revealed. It all began with one user sharing a reported quote from a Bloomberg journalist, Dina Bass, which said: “Gaming is like masturbation. Everybody does it, nobody wants to talk about it.”

Adding some desperately required context to the situation, Bass replied, explaining she was quoting Xbox creator Seamus Blackley, who’d apparently said that, for some reason, in the autumn of 2001, a few weeks before the original Xbox launched. “The point I was trying to make is that gaming is now mainstream where it as a bit more hidden back then,” she added.

Adding to the chaos, Blackley himself joined in, saying: “This quote nearly got me fired from Microsoft.” In the thread, he went on to explain that the quote had reached the ears of “some conservative spouses of executives”, and to put it mildly, they weren’t happy.

As reported by GameSpot, this isn’t actually the first time that these two have made reference to this particular incident. In 2019, Blackley made a post thanking fans of the original Xbox for all their support, to which Bass replied: “What about those of us who got to interview you as you expounded on your theory of how gaming is like masturbation? (Which my editor would NOT let me put in a story no matter how I tried).”

Clearly, avoiding using that quote in the original Xbox advertisements didn’t do the console any harm, although it makes you wonder how things would have gone if they had used it. The gaming community is full of wankers, after all – those executives could have been missing a trick.

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