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“Dry Dating” Predicted To Be a Popular Trend in 2022

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~ JANUARY 2022 ~

Consider starting off the new year with a new healthy dating habit: “dry dating,” the act of ditching drinking on dates and being sober-minded.

Dating app Bumble has even reported it as a new trend for 2022.

According to Bumble, 54% of single people are being more mindful about how they date, and that has also affected their drinking habits. This change has been slow, but gradual. Since 2019, even the national average of people that drink has reduced by 5%.

This new trend draws attention to a toxic dating habit most people aren’t mindful of — reliance on alcohol to make dates flow smoother, which is actually a sign of anxiety. Dean Harrison, a romantic hopeful looking for a relationship, shared with the Toronto Star that talking about his new healthy habit before first dates has been helpful. Dry dating is definitely new to the dating pool, so the quicker you can be clear about your lifestyle choice, the quicker you can weed out those who don’t align.

No worries, everyone has shortcomings. Psychology professor Abby Goldstein suggests having “some ideas of important questions that they want to know about the other person.” Also, try setting dates for times of the week that aren’t centered around alcohol. A walk in the park on a Wednesday during sunset, or daytime meetups on the weekend. Foolproof method: go to a venue that doesn’t serve alcohol.

Feeling confident without your social lubricant may take some adjustment at first, but take a tip from Harrison and be patient with yourself. Over time, you’ll naturally find your authentic groove and become more comfortable.

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