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Straight Women On TikTok Are Describing What Sex Is Like With Men, And It’s Pretty Depressing

♫ Is that right? I’ll never be satisfied. ♫

~ October 2021 ~ Recently, TikTok user @owenbouressa5 dug his own grave by asking straight women to describe what penetrative sex is like for them.

As everyone (hopefully) knows, the orgasm gap between men and women is still a huge issue. In fact, in one study with 800 college women, 39% of women said they always orgasm during masturbation, while only 6% said they always orgasm during sex with a partner. It should be of no surprise that the ladies in the comments of this video decided to get brutally honest about their not-so-pleasurable experiences. Here are the 15 funniest replies:


“You know when you do a group project, but in order to finish you end up doing all the work yourself? Kind of like that…”


“Like going bowling and getting a gutter each time.”



“When you waited 45 minutes for the DVD logo to hit the corner of the screen and it hits the side.”



“Like you’re waiting for the beat drop but it never happens.”



“When you accidentally close your Spotify when you’re swiping away other apps.”


“It’s an acting career.”



“When someone is scratching your back and misses the part that is actually itchy.”



“It’s like when you and your partner get a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle with good intentions, but you know they’re never gonna actually sit that long with you to finish it.”



“Feels like when you’re craving your favorite food all day that you had in the fridge, only to find out someone else finished it, leaving you nothing.”


“It’s like when you’re telling a story and someone cuts in a talks over you and you don’t get to finish your story.”



“When you see your server with food, but then he walks to a different table.”



“It’s like going to McDonald’s for ice cream and being told that their ice cream machine is out of order.”



“Like you’re about to sneeze and it never happens.”


“It’s like when you put your food in the microwave, but it’s still cold in the middle.”



And finally, “When you switch to the other side of the pillow, but it’s warm.” —skylar_strouf

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