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Are You Still In Love With Your First Love? Here Are 8 Ways To Move On

Article By Lisa Hawkins

~ September 2021 ~

Have you ever been like this woman on social media?

“Help I am still in love with my first love! Thirty years ago, I was in love with a boy and I was scared to commit so I broke up and went out with another boy. I got pregnant and because of the pregnancy, I married him. I was sixteen years old at the time. Now, thirty years later, I run into my first love (and only love) on social media. My heart races, feelings arise and I contact him.

What do I do with these feelings? I’m still in love with him and is married with children. I just know he is my soulmate. My one and only.”

If you’re still in love with your first love from 30 years ago, you’re feeling the love and emotions for him based on those old memories and the unprocessed emotions.

You left him to avoid dealing with your fear of love and commitment. At sixteen, everyone experiments and are very new to relationships.

“I am still in love with my first love”: How do you move on?

Often, you might use denial as a way to cope with fear. The brain gets hijacked when situations like this pop up. You feel the love you had for the person as if it’s actually happening now.

The brain chemistry can make you feel that high of being in love again. You believe that this is a sign that you’re still in love with someone — a sign of true love.


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