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Man Breaks Up With Girlfriend via Jumbotron: ‘Alyssa, This Relationship Is OVER’

~ August, 2021 ~ Recently, at an Akron RubberDucks game, the Double-A affiliate of Cleveland, Tim broke up with Alyssa in one of the most savage, disrespectful ways possible.

“Alyssa, this relationship is OVER,” the LED sign at Canal Park read.

Alyssa, needless to say, has every right to be infuriated with Tim over this classless breakup. Without knowing the full story, however, I can’t really cast judgment. Generally speaking, there are only really two explanations as to why Tim would decide to go to these lengths to break up with Alyssa.

The first is Alyssa deeply hurt Tim. Dealing with these feelings, Tim, right or wrong, sought retribution by contacting the good people within the RubberDucks organization and likely paid to have this message displayed for all 3,160 fans to see at Canal Park.

The second explanation is pretty simple: Tim is a scummy guy who couldn’t muster the courage to break up with Alyssa literally any other way.

Either way, it sounds like it may be for the best that these two are no longer together.

In case you were wondering, the RubberDucks defeated the Harrisburg Senators 11-2.

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