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8 Toxic TikTok Relationship Advice Trends You Really Shouldn’t Follow

~ June, 2021 ~ The social media platform known as TikTok is the hub for trends and new videos that spark great ideas.

They do also spark bad ideas sometimes, too.

Most recently, a new trend has garnered millions of views that consists of teenagers and young adults pursuing “toxic” behavior in their relationships on purpose and marketing this as advice.

The poor relationship advice shared by TikTok users can affect the mental health of people who are consuming their content online.

The hashtag #toxicrelationship on TikTok has over 1.3 billion views and it’s still growing.

Although there is some actually good advice to be found on the app, it’s lost in the sea of poor videos advocating for toxicity in relationships.

Here are 8 toxic TikTok relationship advice trends you should not follow (please).

1. “Cheat just in case.”

This piece of advice was posted as a TikTok by a user who suggests that women who find their significant other to be shady or suspect them of cheating should go out and cheat as well.

The reasoning is that if at some point the woman finds out, in fact, the significant other was disloyal then the woman shouldn’t feel too bad since they “cheated just in case.”

This is the TikTok user’s advice as opposed to talking it out with your partner and having a genuine conversation about bettering the relationship.

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