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10 Signs Your Marriage Is Making You Depressed

Article By Susan Heitler

~ May, 2021 ~ Have you caught yourself questioning, “Is my marriage making me depressed?” There are ways to tell if you’re suffering from situational depression that stems from relationship problems.

Depression can feel like you’re under a perpetual dark cloud and cause you to feel blue or in a grumpy mood. You may feel heavy, tired, and without interest in activities you usually enjoy.

Depression also causes uncharacteristically negative thoughts about yourself, others and your future.

But can a bad marriage cause depression?

There are many causes of depression, and problems in your marriage or relationship are just one reason you’re experiencing situational depression. Depression can come from a disorder of power, or it can come from a message from someone you care about that wounds your self-regard.

In general, women are more likely to experience depression after a divorce than men. However, men are less likely to talk openly about their depression.

What are the signs of an unhappy marriage?

Some signs of an unhappy marriage range from no longer having sex to minimizing each other’s feelings and concerns. In other words, you’re no longer having fun and your confidence is gone. You feel neglected and everything your partner does gets under your skin.

If you’re feeling powerless and/or hurt in a relationship, either in general or because of a particular event that happened, odds are high that depression will creep into your emotional state.

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