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Wife of Queens Proud Boy arrested in Capitol plot wants a divorce

Article By Joe Marino and Tamar Lapin

Joni Florea said she was “devastated” after learning the specifics of the accusations against her husband Eduard Florea, who was arrested Tuesday on a federal weapons charge.

“Just hearing some of the details… is the reason why I’m divorcing him,” she said in a phone call on Thursday.

Her husband of about six years, Joni said, has “always been an angry man” — and “I totally believe that he plotted to do this.”

“The only thing I was concerned about were my children,” she said. “Eduard only cared about the Proud Boys.”

Prosecutors allege the 40-year-old software engineer posted about sending an armed caravan to the Capitol and also threatened the life of senator-elect Raphael Warnock hours before the Jan. 6 riot.

He didn’t actually attend the DC siege and is not charged with participating in the violence at the Capitol or with making an online threat.

However, Joni said her hubby “really wanted to go” to the riot that day — and even dressed up in an Army hat for the occasion.

“I told him, ‘if you f–ing go don’t you dare to come back to my house,’” she said. “We were fighting like crazy and I think the only thing that stopped him was that that ride never came.”

“He just sat there in silence on his phone,” she added, recalling how she was in tears over their argument.

Eduard Florea's house in Middle Village, Queens.
Eduard Florea’s house in Middle Village, Queens.
Dan Herrick

Then on Tuesday, an FBI vehicle rolled down the couple’s quiet street in Middle Village to take Eduard into custody.

FBI agents said they seized over 1,000 rounds of rifle ammunition, two dozen shotgun rounds and approximately 75 military-style combat knives, two hatches and two swords from the home.

Joni declined to comment on whether she knew about her husband’s alleged armory, saying that she is waiting to speak to authorities again first.

She and Eduard married in 2014 and have two young kids together.

Over the last four years, Eduard has become a “radical idiot” in regard to his politics and has been fighting with her mom, a liberal who “hates Trump.”

“He was like angry and upset and definitely being brainwashed by the right-wing media,” Joni said.

Prosecutors say Eduard was a Proud Boy supporter and had applied to join the right-wing group but hadn’t attended enough meetings yet to qualify as a member.

While she was adamant about wanting a divorce, Joni said her husband — who was denied bail on Wednesday — doesn’t know about her plans yet.

But she’s already set up a GoFundMe page asking for $2 million, including to pay for the divorce and to sue President Trump and Parler, where her hubby is alleged to have made the treats.

“He doesn’t think of the consequences of his actions,” Joni said of Eduard. “And I think that’s the most disgusting thing about this … this is something that is going to destroy him.”

“And it’s not gonna destroy me,” she added, “because I know I’m a good person and I’m gonna walk away from this.”


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