How Niecy Nash and Wife Jessica Betts Are Making Their First Holiday As Newlyweds Special

Like all of us, celebrities are finding new ways to have fun at home for the holidays during the pandemic. For newlyweds Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts it’s all about crafting and togetherness.

The couple is celebrating their first Christmas holiday season together by making every single moment together at home count. Nash has partnered with HP to inspire her fans to celebrate their holiday “staycations” by gathering around the table to create something together and de-stress.

To kick off the celebration, Nash, 50, and R&B singer-songwriter Betts, 48, decided to have fun with their family holiday cards—slaying both their family PJs and holiday glam looks. “Being newly married is wanting to create our own traditions and figure that part out together and how we were going to enjoy that,” explains Nash. “Jessica and I were able to create our own customized holiday cards from the comfort of our home. Outfits, high heels, the whole thing.”

Nash says making holiday cards as a family isn’t just a great way to spend time doing something together, it’s also a way to connect with the loved ones we miss most and can’t be close to for the holidays. “I just love that we could still send something to our friends and loved ones who we may not be able to gather with, but it is still a very strong representation of our personality and who we are as a couple,” says Nash.

Nash also suggests crafting as a way to keep the kids busy and happy when the parents needs a break. “[Crafting] is fun and you can completely lean into your own creativity. And I think that’s the gift.”

And speaking of gifts, Nash hopes that her family can give more abundantly in 2021.

“You know, what I’m manifesting for us is to be of service,” says Nash. “I think that a lot of times, you know, we are socialized to see what we can get, what we can accomplish, but I want to lean more into what we can give, what we can do for others. And so, I think that being of service in 2021 is the call for my family anyway.”

Check out the crafts, decorations and décor Niecy and Jessica used to make their holiday cards here.


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