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    Is Monogamy Actually Your Best Approach to a Relationship?

        Article By Alex Manley ~ When we think about romantic love, most people imagine monogamy. They picture two…
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    I’m Ready to Admit What Kind of Sex I Want—but I’m Afraid My Small Town Will Find Out

    March 2021 ~ How to Do It is Slate’s sex advice column. Have a question? Send it to Stoya and Rich…

    Romantic, practical, or creepy: Should you share your location with your partner?

    Article By KRISTIN WONG~ These days, smartphones track your every move, including your location, making it easier than ever for third…

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      Gaetz associate pleads guilty to sex trafficking charges

      Article By MICHAEL BALSAMO and MIKE SCHNEIDER ~ May 2021 ~ ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A Florida politician who emerged…

      The Happiest Couples Have This One Thing in Common, New Study Says

      New research found that when both partners have this, the couple as a whole is better off. Shutterstock Although relationships…

      Sitting on the Fence in a Relationship Is Easy – but Here’s Why It’s More Dangerous Than You Think

      Article By Meg Walters ~ MARCH 2022 ~ Fence sitting in a relationship is, unfortunately, very easy. But if you…

      What Your Inner Thoughts about Your Relationship Really Mean

      Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D. Fulfillment at Any Age People often have thoughts about their partners that they can’t put into…



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                Single Men Don’t Care About Sex Anymore, Says Study

                ARTICLE BY KAYLA KIBBE @KAY_KIBBE ~ NOVEMBER 2021 ~ I regret to inform you that sex has been canceled — at…


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