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    A third of online daters in Britain said ‘I love you’ before meeting

    By Hannah Sparks ~ No one ever said love at first sight had to involve actually meeting. This is true of…

    Taye Diggs and Demi Burnett Scored Dream Dates on “the Celebrity Dating Game”

    Article By Jamie Burton  ~ June, 2021 ~ The Celebrity Dating Game gave more famous singletons a shot at love…

    Sex or Soothing?

    Hilary Jacobs Hendel LCSW Emotion as Information  ~   Our culture misleads people to believe it’s not “manly” or “normal” to…

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      How CBD Can Improve Your Sex Life

      Article By Maria Loreto ~ DECEMBER 2021 ~ Marijuana and sex are compatible for a reason. Cannabis users of all…



        What We Learned About Relationships During the Pandemic

        Former priest explains why the Bible does NOT condemn same-sex unions

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        Peepshow: The Romantic Lives of Sex Workers and Their Partners

        TikTok’s Viral Above-the-Waist G-Spot Technique, Explained

        Forget Money or Sex! Loving Your in-Laws Is What Saves Marriages, Says Study

        Your Romantic Partner as Friend

          I live in a house with 2 other single moms and kids. Now I’m not the only one teaching my daughter about sex, relationships, and death.

          Article By Holly Harper  ~ MARCH 2022 ~ I bought a four-unit apartment building with another single mom to help…

          Why Do Men Lose Romantic Interest So Quickly?

          Article By Annie Lord ~ NOVEMBER 2021 ~ The first thing I remember really liking about him was how cute…


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                Single Men Don’t Care About Sex Anymore, Says Study

                ARTICLE BY KAYLA KIBBE @KAY_KIBBE ~ NOVEMBER 2021 ~ I regret to inform you that sex has been canceled — at…


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