Sex doll sales on the rise amid COVID-19 restrictions, holiday season

    By Dean Balsamin With the nights getting longer and pandemic shut-ins getting lonelier, sales of sex dolls to New York City…
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    COVID-19 has had a surprising impact on our sex lives

    BY JESS JOHO The spike in sex toy sales, rise of OnlyFans, and normalization of masturbation as part of everyday health…
    The Male Point of View 

    A gentleman’s guide to a healthy relationship | Gentleman’s Journal

    Article By: Izzie Price ~ June, 2021 ~ Healthy relationships are a bit like a summer salad. Everyone loves them,…

    Should You Wait for a Serious Relationship If Your Partner Isn’t Ready?

    Article By Stacey Laura Lloyd ~ August, 2021 ~ Relationships are all about timing. It’s not uncommon to find yourself in…

    Romantic, practical, or creepy: Should you share your location with your partner?

    Article By KRISTIN WONG~ These days, smartphones track your every move, including your location, making it easier than ever for third…

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        A gentleman’s guide to a healthy relationship | Gentleman’s Journal

        3 Pieces Of Advice These Top Relationship Psychologists Give Every New Couple

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          “I don’t have time to waste on anything or anyone that doesn’t meet my dating standards.” Article By Naydeline Mejia…

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                How to Help a Friend Going Through a Divorce

                Article By Steve Calechman ~ June, 2021 ~ Your buddy’s words might come out loud, soft, or through tears, but…

                Essential Intimate Hygiene Tips For Men To Keep Things Clean Down There

                  Intimate hygiene is important for overall health and fitness, but it is not just about washing down there quickly…


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